SCORE Classes in Southwest Washington

October 18 – Record Keeping and Taxes for Your Business
SCORE Vancouver Office

Learn why business record keeping is important and clear up questions regarding taxes and the type of business formation you choose. We’ll discuss the four major business reports that make up a Financial Statement and how they interact to each other. And, as always, attendees can later meet with a SCORE Business Mentor for free. (register here)

November 9 – Pricing Your Product or Service for Profitability
Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce

Learning how to properly price your products or services is an important part of any business.  This SCORE course will cover the principles of job costing and help you with questions like the purpose of keeping a job cost sheet and job cost ordering system.  We’ll discuss how best to allocate overhead to your products or services and demonstrate some of the accounting tools that will simplify the process for you.

This seminar has been designed principally for owners or managers of businesses that manufacture or distribute products and fits very well for engaged in the construction or service trades.

The fee for this 3 hour SCORE workshop only $35.  Seating is limited so please register early.  A copy of all presentation slides and other course materials will be emailed to registrants shortly prior to the seminar. (register here)

November 18 – Surviving the Gig Economy
Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce

This new SCORE workshop will outline realistic insights as you participate in, or consider joining the Gig Economy.  We’ll cover issues of adaptability, time & money management, license & tax issues, “rules of the road” that apply to independent workers and the running of a successful business.

There is a $35 fee for this 3 hour SCORE workshop.  Seating is limited so please register early.  A copy of all presentation slides and other course materials will be emailed to registrants shortly prior to the seminar. (register here)

November 18 – Selling Techniques for Small Businesses
Longview Public Library

Learn the basic skills to make a successful Sales Call! Avoid the deadly mistakes that will sink your sales. Come away with skills to take the anxiety out of face-to-face meetings with potential customers. This new SCORE workshop is provided gratis in partnership with the Longview Public Library. (register here)

November 18 – Secrets to Starting the Best Business for You
Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce

This seminar will help you ask the right questions you need to ask of yourself, of your spouse and in what business arena will you really thrive.  We’ll help you create a business model that provides the best platform for reaching your unique personal, professional and financial goals. We will address the actual risks involved in business ownership vs. a traditional career and help you select recession-resistant industries.  (read more)

December 5 – So You Want to Start a Nonprofit?
Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce

Perhaps you’re one of those people who believe that making money isn’t the only important thing in life.  Maybe you have a cause that you think deserves increased prominence and support.  Then you may be considering starting a nonprofit organization or be in the process of starting one, be it a homeless shelter or a kids sports league.  Or you may be wondering if you should?  If so, this workshop is for you.  (read more)

December 7 – Essentials of Business Continuation Planning
Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce

The statistics on businesses surviving through multiple generations are staggering. Just making it through the second generation is a milestone event for a business. Making it through the third generation is rare and making it to the fourth generation is almost unheard of. The good news is business owners can buck these trends with proper planning. This workshop begins by helping entrepreneurs understand… (read more)