SCORE Classes in Southwest Washington

January 27 – Surviving the Gig Economy
Longview Library

You see them everywhere these days – Gig Workers.  Some estimates show them as 34% of the work force.  They are involved in many types of independent work including;  drivers for Uber & Lyft, homeowners offering rentals through Airbnb, independents working on specific software development projects, musicians performing ‘gigs’, and healthcare. 

Some gigs are short term, while others offer the option of longer self-employment. Workers in the Gig Economy enjoy flexibility, variety, and the ability to truly pursue one’s career passion while earning money on their own schedules… (read more)

February 17 – Simple Steps to Hiring Your First Employee
Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce

Is your business getting to the point where you are thinking about hiring your first employee?  Maybe you already have employees and are feeling overwhelmed with how to focus on building your dream? Are you able to manage staff so your company can continue to grow?  Well, SCORE offers an objective resource for those tough questions.

This seminar is not a hiring seminar; it answers the question “If I can only grow by adding people, how do I do that in a way that makes me money, saves me time and lets me have a life outside of work?” (read more)

January 21 – Secrets to Finding the Best Business for You
Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce

Thinking of going into business yourself? Consider the options:

A Startup Business, Buy an Existing Business or Consider a Franchise?

This seminar covers the pros and cons to help you do your due diligence in the overall process of business exploration.

Takeaways from this SCORE Workshop:

  • You’ll learn the actual risks, challenges and rewards of business ownership vs. a tradtional career.
  • You will understand how to select recession-resistant industries.  
  • Registrants will receive a confidential assessment of feedback of your individual work and leadership style, core competencies and the best types of businesses for your personality and experience.  Use this link for our FREE Business Evaluation & Suitability Test (BEST).  It takes about 20 minutes with results promptly and confidentially returned to you in advance of the Workshop.
  • You’ll receive free, subsequent access to SCORE Business Mentors upon request who will help you refine your concept and “de-risk” your opportunity. (read more)

February 24 – Simple Steps for Starting Your Business – Part 1
Longview Library

This three-hour program offers highlights of a SCORE seminar on the same subject.  This year we’ll cover the “Simple Steps” in two parts on February 24 and March 24, 2018 at the Longview Library. 

The February 24 session will focus on Business Goal Setting, Managing Time and People & Resources; we’ll follow-up with Business Marketing, Sales and Financial Management in the March session.  This way, you’ll be able to identify those areas where you may need extra attention in your business.  You can then arrange a free SCORE mentoring session for additional help and fine tuning! (read more)