SCORE Classes in Southwest Washington

May 2 – Record Keeping and Taxes for Your Business
SCORE Vancouver Office, 4001 Main, Room 222

This seminar explains why business record keeping is important and clears up questions regarding taxation and the type of business formation you choose.  We’ll review various business accounting methods and explain which best fits your situation.  And we’ll answer some of your questions about those pesky records themselves both manual and computerized, how long should they be retained and things like “Do I really need a CPA, a bookkeeper or can I do it all effectively myself?” Patti Thompson is the SCORE Course Leader for this seminar.  Patti has over 35 years experience in business and tax consulting (more here)

May 3 – The Necessity of a Business Plan
Vancouver Community Library, 901 C Street

This 90 minute workshop will cover an overview of Business Plan design and, more importantly, the principal underlying reason for even doing a Business Plan in the first place.  We’ll touch on several of the key Business Plan essentials, leave plenty of time for questions and outline the many free resources through both SCORE and the Vancouver Community Library available to you. (more here)


May 8 – Grow Your Business with Email and Social Media
Vancouver Housing Authority, 2500 Main Street

We’ll show you how to make the most of the combination of email and social media for your business. When the session is done, you’ll have a greater understanding of marketing basics like goals and objectives. You’ll learn what a “campaign” is and what to write about and offer in that campaign. You’ll be given some simple but powerful tips for how to get your messages opened and read, shared and socially visible.

This SCORE Seminar is being offered to the Vancouver business community by one of its national partners, Constant Contact.  Your Course Leader is Mr. Don Richardson, a Brush Prairie resident and a Master Certified Solution Provider for Constant Contact.  Local SCORE Business Mentors will also be in attendance to help you navigate the many free SCORE resources available to you.(more here)

May 10 – Introduction to Desktop QuickBooks & Financial Management
SCORE Vancouver Office, 4001 Main, Room 222

SCORE Vancouver’s Introduction to Desktop QuickBooks is a simple and hands-on way to get started with the tool that over 4 million US businesses use for their accounting records and financial reporting. We’ll show you the mechanics of recording basic transactions with real world examples. More importantly, you’ll learn how accounting and financial reporting are inter-related, helping you understand what is affected by each transaction. Most importantly, the class offers a separate no cost opportunity to meet with a SCORE mentor to review your use of QuickBooks and address any questions you may have.(more here)

May 13 – Small Business Marketing Basics, Email & Social Media Tips
Longview Public Library

The Basics portion will cover how to:

  • set your marketing plan objectives 
  • conduct market analysis,
  • evaluate your competition and
  • measure your marketing performance.  

This part of the seminar will be presented by Longview resident & SCORE Chapter Chairman, Marcel Goulet.

Following a Discussion Break, we’ll take up the use of email and social media to inexpensively boost your marketing advantage. This portion will be chaired by Don Richardson, a Master Certified Solution Provider for SCORE national partner, Constant Contact. (more here)

May 23 – Business Lender’s Seminar
Vancouver Community Library, 901 C Street


SCORE Vancouver’s 2017 Business Lending Seminar will focus on the current commercial lending appetite for small business loans including equipment financing, revolving credit lines, construction loans and more. 

You’ll learn about business collateral & equity requirements, rates and terms from several commercial bankers and the SBA.  Presenters representing Key Bank, Herritage Bank and the US Small Business Administration will advise you what is needed in a successful loan package and how SCORE volunteers can mentor you throughout the process for free.  

This seminar is free and open to the public subject only to a $5 SCORE Pre-Registration Fee to reserve limited seating.  Use the button below to confirm your planned attendance.  Seating is limited so please register early. (more here)