SCORE Classes in Southwest Washington

 April 1 – Planning Your Business for Success

Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce, 1101 Broadway, Vancouver, WA

This seminar outlines the critical elements business owners must assess to reach a substantiated decision and reduce the risks associated with any start­up or growth plans.  We’ll detail a structured planning process that methodically tests your business concept to create a solid “safety net” that will increase your odds, reduce frustration, prevent the loss of capital and maximize potential profitability. Carlos Gonzalez will serve as your SCORE course leader for this workshop. A retired international executive of The Dow Chemical Company and a former general manager of a petrochemical company in Argentina, Carlos was also founder and owner of an international business consulting company. Carlos is a 15-year volunteer member of the SCORE Vancouver Chapter.(more here)


April 5, May 10 – Introduction to Desktop QuickBooks & Financial Management

SCORE Vancouver Office, 4001 Main, Room 222

 SCORE Vancouver’s Introduction to Desktop QuickBooks is a simple and hands-on way to get started with the tool that over 4 million US businesses use for their accounting records and financial reporting. We’ll show you the mechanics of recording basic transactions with real world examples. More importantly, you’ll learn how accounting and financial reporting are inter-related, helping you understand what is affected by each transaction. Most importantly, the class offers a separate no cost opportunity to meet with a SCORE mentor to review your use of QuickBooks and address any questions you may have.   (more here 4/5 class) (more here 5/10 class)


April 10 – Email Marketing for Retailers

1700 Main Street, Suite 218, Washougal

SCORE colleague Don Richardson, from Digital Popcorn Marketing will teach you about digital marketing trends and how they can impact your bottom line in 2017! Join us as we look forward at just a few of the trends in digital marketing that we believe small businesses should be paying attention to in the year to come.  We’ll explore what the trends are and some simple ideas for jumping on and taking advantage of them. We will review some real business examples as well. Join us!

SCORE Vancouver presents this seminar with assistance from the Downtown Washougal Association and the generous offer of meeting space from Columbia River Realty.  more

April 12 – So You Want A Bank Loan?

SCORE Vancouver Office, 4001 Main, Room 222

 This 2-hour SCORE seminar covers the questions to expect when first meeting with your banker for a business loan.  Ron Barkley, the Course Leader, is a graduate of the School of Banking of Washington University, Seattle.  He is a recently retired commercial lender with over 50 years of experience handling banking loan requests for both start-up and established businesses.  Ron has reviewed hundreds of loan presentations throughout his career and knows the information a banker is looking for when making a loan decision.(more here)