Get The Most From Mentoring

At your meeting with a SCORE volunteer mentor, you will be receiving seasoned and objective business advice. There are seven important things you should do to get the most out of your meeting:

1. Please keep your appointment. Your consultant has taken time from his/her busy business schedule and volunteered to meet with you. Do your part and arrive on time. Please review our Office Locations page for maps and directions. If an emergency prevents you from keeping your appointment, please advise our office immediately

2. Bring appropriate writing materials for note-taking.

3. This meeting is a confidential, one-on-one session. Do not bring anyone else to this meeting (except business partners). If you have children, please arrange for an off-site sitter.

4. Turn off cell phones and other communication devices prior to the meeting.

5. Make sure to bring all appropriate documents, specifically:

a. If you’re looking into a new business, be prepared to discuss what research you have already done (competitive information, market analysis, etc.). Also, be prepared to discuss how much funding you have available to begin your new venture and how you expect to obtain any additional funding, if required. Note: SCORE does not make loans.

b. If you have already a business plan or draft, please bring it. If you don’t have a one, our office sells moderately-priced workbooks and software that can help you create one.

c. If you’re already in business, bring most recent financial statements (P&L and Balance Sheet) to this meeting.

d. If you are buying an existing business, bring the last 3 years of its financial statements to the meeting.

e. If you have an invention to discuss, do not expect SCORE consultants to sign secrecy, nondisclosure, noncompete or other legal documents. Discuss your idea in a generic manner which does not require signed contracts.

6. SCORE consultants are business generalists. For very specific legal, technical or financial advice, you will need to seek the services of a paid professional.

7. The most productive meetings are with clients who prepare a list of business questions in advance and bring them to the meeting.