News about SCORE and the companies we’ve helped

  Demand high for SCORE business help in Clark CountyThe Columbian, July 5, 2013:
…But even as economic indicators suggest that a recovery is under way, Ruttledge says SCORE hasn’t seen a drop in demand for SCORE’s services… (read more)

•  Two Vancouver Engineers Wising Up With Einstein, The Columbian, October 9, 2011:
…As the idea of launching a business emerged, the men turned to SCORE, a business assistance program staffed by retired executives … (read more)

•  Advertising – Conveying An Accurate Message, Vancouver Business Journal, September 2, 2011:
Q. I’m spending a lot of money on advertising and getting calls but people seem confused about what we do! How do I fix this … (read more)

•  Organization SCOREs in Success, The Columbian, September 2, 2011:
…Charles was fortunate to come under the tutelage of Bruce Lulow, one of our senior counselors at the Vancouver chapter of SCORE. Lulow worked exhaustively with Charles in helping him put together his business plan. The end result of Lulow’s hard work and dedication with Charles was a minority loan that helped Charles jump start his business. Lulow was instrumental in finding this particular loan … (read more)

•  SCORE Volunteers Help Startup Companies Grow, The Columbian, February 11, 2011:
…Ken Rone is one of 32 volunteer counselors in the Fort Vancouver Chapter, which has its main office near Clark College. Last year the chapter, which, like all SCORE programs, is staffed entirely by volunteers, assisted 342 clients, almost equally divided between men and women … (read more)

 •Helping Small Business Succeed, Vancouver Senior Messenger, April, 2009:
Is the entrepreneurial spirit alive and well in these hard times? Many of us would like to think so. Survival stories from the Great Depression made their mark on us, even a generation or two removed. Throughout our lives, we’ve heard how our stalwart ancestors forged opportunity from disaster. They did it, we can, too … (read more)

• Retired Executives Help Business Owners SCORE, GVCC Chamber News, June, 2007:
Many of us have heard the saying, “If your business makes it through the first year, you’ll succeed.” This couldn’t be more untrue. Less than 15 percent of all full-time, licensed businesses fail in the first year, but about a third of all new businesses close their doors in the first three years. Twenty-five percent of the businesses that fail each year are more than 10 years old. In order to be successful over the long term … (read more)

• Retired Executives Offer Business Advice, The Reflector, March 21, 2007:
Rudy Ramirez, a small business consultant with the Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE), gave members of the Evergreen Business Association ideas on how to operate businesses more successfully. … (read more)

• Knowing the SCORE, The Columbian, December 12, 2004:
MicroEnergy Technologies’ owners Reza Shekarriz and partner Joseph Birmingham spent $15,000 on management consultants trying to solve the riddles of their development business. That was before turning to a source available all along – the all-volunteer Service Corps of Retired Executives’ Fort Vancouver chapter. … (read more)

• Every Business Owner Can SCORE, The Columbian, 1991:
If you own a small business, the thought of dealing with any government agency probably raises your blood pressure. The prospect of having contact with OSHA, the Department of Licensing & Inspection, Workers Comp Board and the like raises the specter of another adversarial engagement with a bureaucratic machine. Have I got a surprise for you! It’s called SCORE … (read more)