Mentoring is by appointment only. You can register and make an appointment (here). SCORE Vancouver volunteers do face to face mentoring only. We can’t answer business questions by email or phone. If you need email mentoring go to and register there

Mail: 4001 MainStreet Suite 120,121, Vancouver, WA 98663


Phone: An email to get’s a faster response since the office is only staffed a few hours per week. If you want an appointment for mentoring, don’t call, register (here(360) 545-3210


Our main office is conveniently at the corner of Main and 40th Street in Vancouver, Washington. We see clients only by appointment so don’t just drop by the office, there’s often nobody there.

Exit I-5 South or North at Exit #2, 39th Street

Proceed west on 39th Street to Main Street. Turn right (north) onto Main Street. Proceed one block and turn right onto 40th Street.

Turn left into parking lot. Park in spaces marked for 4001 Main. Enter the building through either set of doors, turn right and proceed down corridor to open stairway down.

SCORE is in suites 120, 121 facing stairs. When you walk into the building go all the way down the long hallway to your right. It ends at stairs down. SCORE is in suites 120, 121 facing stairs. If the doors are closed you may wait in the chairs near the other side of the stairway.